1The Divine Mercy Chapel, formerly known as CTK’s Lower Church, sits right below the Main Church.

The chapel was closed and underwent a major redesign and renovation during the August and September 2016 timeframe. It re-opened on the first week of October but the formal inauguration was held in abeyance until the ordered artworks had arrived. It was formally inaugurated on October 22, at the 7:00 am mass, with Bishop Raul Martirez celebrating, assisted by Fr. Bong Tupino, Monsignor Tony Mortillero, Fr. Serge Maniba, and Fr. Ricky Montanez.

2The new chapel boasts of a a new cross, patterned after the miraculous Cristo de Limpias in Spain, a new altar and ambo, distinguished by impressive icons. There’s also a new commentator’s lectern and tabernacle. Gracing the front wall on both sides of the crucifix are icons of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. To the left of the ambo hangs the large Divine Mercy painting.

Although few lay people will ever see it, the chapel sacristy was renovated and extended by opening the opposite side of the sanctuary. The old crucifix was transferred to the sacristy 6above an altar table. Also hanging in the sacristy are the tapestry of St. Michael the Archangel from Gargano, Italy and pictures of Saints Francis and Claire from Assisi, Italy. Regular daily mass goers will surely have noticed the new impressive fixtures and changes in layout.

The new chapel is available for use for the daily masses and smaller religious events, meetings, and formation talks. For reservations, please contact Ms. Bella Consulta at tel. no. 633-0280.

Regular daily mass goers will have noticed the changes in design and layout.