Diwanihan Kristiyano Prayer Group is one of the 27 prayer groups of the Pag-ibig Sa Diyos Catholic Community. It was formed in February 1986, with the name coming from the words – ‘diwa’, or Pinoy spirit; ‘bayanihan’, or the Pinoy way of sharing and helping one another in a community; and ‘kristiyano’, or Christianity of a Pinoy.

The entry point to membership is a Marriage Encounter Weekend, a two night live-in seminar for married couples which: aims to give couples a better understanding of their feelings and to use this knowledge to renew their marital relationship; seeks to improve communication between husband and wife; and makes couples appreciate God’s plan for their marriage. Upon completion of the seminar, the couple then becomes a member of the community-prayer group.

Diwanihan Kristiyano Prayer Group’s initial prayer meetings were initially held at the residence of Joaquin & Cora Misa at Valle Verde IV, then moved to the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Valle Verde V, before relocating in 2005 to the Divine Mercy Chapel of CTK every Tuesday night, from 8 pm to 10 pm, for its weekly charismatic prayer meetings. Except for First Tuesdays when it joins a sectoral assembly of seven (7) other prayer groups for a Eucharistic celebration at the CTK Main Church.

It currently has about 60 active members engaging in charismatic worship and workshops. The Diwanihan Music Service Group regularly serves as choir for the 1st and 2nd Saturday 7:30 pm anticipated mass. A number of Diwanihan members also actively serve in CTK’s mainstream parish masses as EMHC, Lectors and Commentators, and in other parish activities.

The CTK chapter is headed by Mon and Loung Cuartero.