first-sunday-childrens-massChrist the King Parish Greenmeadows holds a Children’s Mass every first Sunday at 9:00 am at the Main Church. This is the only CTK mass where children seven years old and above are assigned as readers and commentators. The Children’s Mass is coordinated by Te Candano, who regularly recruits children volunteers and together with Joanne and Ryanna Polancos trains and assigns readers from the pool. Newcomers may be assigned one prayer of the faithful each while the more experienced children are assigned readings or the commentator role. The children’s mass has served as an effective training ground for the young volunteers; in fact, five of CTK’s young commissioned lectors-commentators  came from Children’s Mass ranks – Cherline & Camille San Diego, Martina Kagaoan, Ryanna Polancos, and Pido & Abby Banico. In addition, there are several current children volunteers, e.g., Regina Polancos, Michelle & Nicole de los Reyes, Aries Dino, Jacob Go, etc. on track to be commissioned lectors-commentators when they reach 16 years old. Note: since the children are not commissioned yet, a commissioned lector carries the Book of the Gospel to the altar table.