Christ the King’s Formation Center boasts of three function rooms that can be rented out for private meetings, talks, and get-togethers. They’ve also been used for graduations, birthday gatherings, and practice venues.  St. Matthew and St. Mark Rooms are located back-to-back, with a folding wall between them that allow a much-bigger space when taken together. St. Luke Room is across the hallway from St. Matthew and St. Mark. Both have access at the back to the mini-garden that brings in nature and sunlight to the function rooms.

At the rear of the Main Church, beside the lower crypt area and separate from the first three function rooms is St. John Room, which is also divided by a folding wall into Rooms A and B. This space is used for the monthly First Saturday Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, where the Legion of Mary leads rosary praying until 2,000 Hail Marys are prayed.

For reservations, please contact Ms. Eula Victorio at tel. no. 633-0280.