In photo, some of the PPC members formally commissioned last June.

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of the officers – overall coordinator, assistant coordinator, secretary, treasurer – and the heads of the various ministries, mandated organizations, and renewal movements. Council members work in conjunction with the parish priest and parish staff to oversee ministries and programs that serve the parish, the diocese, and the universal church. They set and direct the on-going long-range plan and vision of the parish and coordinate its implementation and assessment. They meet on the second Saturday of the month at 8 a.m. right after the 7 am mass.

It is part of the PPC’s mission to “live and share” the Good News of Jesus Christ; to assist the parish priest meet the spiritual and temporal needs of the parishioners; and to develop effective lines of communication with all parishioners.

Council officers and ministry heads are nominated and elected for three year terms that correspond to the three-year term of the parish priest. The PPC is headed by overall coordinator couple Bert and Marie Anne Santos.

Assistant Coordinator couple is Henry and Joyce Tañedo. Secretary couple is David and Fely Ong. Treasurer couple is Bing and Elise del Rosario.