Life in the Spirit Seminar, or LSS, is a parish-based Prayer Community that seeks to help seminar participants to establish their relationship with God and commit to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Participants meet weekly for one to two hours to talk and share on pre-assigned topics, e.g., God’s Love; New Life; Receiving God’s Gifts; Transformation in Christ; etc.

The LSS Parish Prayer Community conducts the LSS once a year. The seminars are a series of talks, testimonies, group sharing, and discussions which usually take place over a period of seven weeks. The Life in the Spirit Seminars have a very limited goal.  They are designed to be only the beginning, only he first step in a completely new way of life.  For people to continue to grow and develop in this new life they need to come together with others who are living this same way to receive support and further teaching.  For this reason, the seminars should be presented in the context of a Christian community or prayer group where people are already living the life in the Spirit together. Over 60,000,000 Catholics throughout the world have taken some type of Life in the Spirit seminar and have discovered that the Holy “Spirit” is not an inaccessible, “ghostly” intelligence, but the very “breath” of our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

The CTK arm of LSS is headed by Bobby and Margie San Juan.