The Christ the King Parish Church retains its unique modern design despite being 28 years old. Viewed from the top, it has a round (actually, slightly oval) footprint, with a roofline that starts from low  – just 25 feet high – at the front and sides and swoops up to over 75 feet at the center rear. There are two short 20-foot beams that flank both sides of the main entrance and the choir loft. At the other end of the church at the rear, flanking the giant Christ the King monument, are two much-longer 80-foot beams. Two diagonal beams connect the two short vertical beams at the front to the two long vertical beams at the rear. These two ‘spines’ remain engineering marvels, able to support the entire structure without any other indoor beams, columns or posts that block the view. Viewed from the front, the sloping terraced roofline leads to the double-beam structure that juts out from the church interior to give the church additional height. This allows the top of the church to be visible from nearly all directions.

Consistent with the modern design, the walls are all glass, with glass window frames and glass folding doors at the bottom level and stained glass alternating with clear window glass panes above them. Even the front entrance is sliding glass, automatically triggered to open by foot pressure. The extensive use of natural light create a very airy and sunny feel to the interiors, assisted by high-powered LED spotlights running on both left and right sides of the ceiling, from front to back.

Dominating the rear behind the altar is the imposing 20-foot high statue of the Risen Christ the King, but still with outstretched pierced hands and standing behind a giant wooden cross. Above the entrance is the choir loft, where the master console for sounds and lights is also located.

The Main Church of CTK also boasts of being fully air-conditioned, with a maximum capacity for 1,200 parishioners at one time. It boasts a modern sound system, a pipe organ, a dedicated ‘cry room’ that is significantly sound-proofed so as not to distract the main church goers with cries of babies and toddlers, a disabled-friendly semicircular driveway, a sloping garden right in front of the church, and covered access to the Parish Social Hall for receptions right after a wedding ceremony.

Every Filipino couple wants to have a fairytale kind of wedding, right?  Therefore, the best choice of the most sought after wedding churches is a MUST.   In this respect, the Christ The King Church in Greenmeadows, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, tops the author’s personal list. – MyWeddingPH

Couples who are expecting to go big on their wedding day may consider this church as a steal. Located in Greenmeadows, Christ the King is your typical air-conditioned church of which its structure updates were made to accommodate an engaged couple’s need in their wedding ceremony. The interiors are a photographer or a videographer’s dream, thanks to the elegance the church exudes through its furnishings: its cream marble floors, glass walls that allow the Sun’s rays to pass through, a massive pipe organ, and an altar featuring the statue of a regally clothed Jesus Christ on the cross. Parking is ample at Christ the King, and there is a clear driveway for the bridal car to drive up to make that dramatic entrance for the cameras. Reception venues are a few clicks away from the church, which will be a delight to couples. There is also a garden, which is perfect for those post-nuptial photos. – Bride Worthy

I have my favourite churches. Christ the King is definitely one of them. I remember thinking when I was young how fantastic it would be to get married here with the airy ambiance and natural lighting, Christ the King was a gem. Not that I’m complaining, but air-conditioned churches make it easier for everyone especially during scorching hot summer days. – Diane T.

CTK has to be one of the prettiest churches around – what you don’t get in terms of a sense of history or intricate, period architecture, it makes up for with a clean, more modern aesthetic and tons of wide, sprawling space. (The air-conditioning is a huge plus, too, but I think that goes without saying.) Seriously, everything about CTK is big – the parking area (which still fills to bursting with churchgoers’ cars on Sundays), the spacious driveway, and of course the church itself from the aisle to the altar to the long rows of pews lined up neatly inside. I guess that’s what makes it THE choice wedding venue for a lot of people. – Nica B.