The mission of the Public Affairs Ministry is to implement programs for a wide range of socio-political advocacies. These include but not limited to:

a. Women’s rights. The ministry can foster awareness of women issues and their equality in Christian dignity in the Church and in society and to implement special programs to assist female domestic helpers, female overseas workers, or wives of overseas workers, as well as female victims of abuse and violence.

b. Political affairs. The ministry can work for the transformation of the political order, oppose legislation that contradicts Gospel values and Christian doctrine, and assist in ensuring fair and honest elections. In 2016, The CTK Public Affairs Ministry assisted the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, or PPCRV, by deploying CTK volunteers to the different voting centers covered by the parish, namely: Libis Elementary School, Acropolis, Greenmeadows, Corinthian Gardens, St. Ignatius, and White Plains. The ministry also deployed encoding volunteers to help out at the PPCRV command center in Pope Pius Center, UN Avenue, Manila.

c. Environment. The ministry will promote the proper care and development of natural resources and the environment as stewards of God’s creation. Activities and programs could include recycling, conservation, tree planting, minimizing carbon footprint, etc.

d. Others advocacies might include: drug use rehabilitation; senior citizen’s rights; prison congestion reform; urban poor issues; quick disaster response, etc.

One of the first initiatives by the new ministry leadership is partnering with the Philippine Basketball Association to provide free stadium tickets for selected parishioners. The Public Affairs Ministry is headed by Jing and Girlie Alampay.