Welcome Back! Maybe you decided to leave decades ago or maybe it was just this morning. Maybe you never really decided one way or the other, but just sort of drifted away. Considering possibly returning to the Church because of a major life event, for example, a family crisis, a major illness, marriage, birth of a child, death of a loved one, job loss? Searching for stability and peace that you suspect only God can provide in a Church community? Whether you have been away from the Catholic Church for a long time or a little while, it doesn’t matter, we are very happy to welcome you back and want you to know that there’s a place for you at Christ the King Greenmeadows. If you are longing for a place to call home, we invite you to come home to our Catholic family, founded by Jesus Christ.

We know that life can take some crazy turns and that sometimes we find ourselves wanting what we somehow lost along the way. What is so wonderful about our God is that his arms are always open to welcome us back. God never stops loving us and he always wants the best for us. If you think that the best thing for you at this time in your life is to return to the practice of your Catholic faith and the sacraments, we are here to help you. Here you will find the peace and comfort, healing and mercy, and the hope and love that come from God and His Catholic Church.

You may be wondering ‘how’ to return to the practice of your faith. You’ve already taken the first step by coming to our parish website. If you stopped coming to Church and receiving the sacraments on your own and have no other impediments, you can simply make a good confession and resume receiving the sacraments. Confessions are heard at Christ the King from Mondays to Fridays after the 6 am masses, on Saturdays after the 6 pm mass, and on Sundays 30 minutes before all masses beginning with the 7:30 am mass.

If you would like to have a conversation with a priest first, please call our parish office at 633-0280 and make an appointment with our parish priest, Fr. Bong Tupino III.