The Church needs priests. Without men answering this call from Christ, who will give the Sacraments to the next generation? Do you think that God might be calling you to serve Him as a priest? The English word ‘vocation’ comes from the Latin word ‘vocare’, which means ‘to call’. To enter a vocation then, is simply to answer a calling – a calling that God has placed in your heart, a calling that will bring you the joy, peace, and happiness that you crave. The question of vocation is not, ‘Do I have a vocation?’ The real question is, ‘Which vocation am I being called to follow?’ The Lord might be calling to you. He may have designed you for a purpose, a mission that no one else can fulfill. If and when you are chosen, if and when the Lord calls, will you respond?

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is what allows a priest to act in persona Christi, a Latin phrase that translates to “in the person of Christ.” This is how the priest celebrates any Sacrament, not by his own power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit moving through him.

The mission of the Vocation Ministry is to plan and implement programs for vocation awareness and promotion. Persons interested in becoming priests, deacons, sisters or brothers should first contact the Vocation Ministry heads Louie Laudico or Anna Lagman.

The most common path to the religious vocation is via the Altar Server role. So though the Altar Servers as a group fall under the Worship Ministry, it makes sense for the head of the Vocation Ministry to also be the coordinator for Altar Servers.

The Vocation Ministry held the Vicariate Vocation Sunday last August 28, 2016 at Christ the King Parish’s Social Hall. The seven parishes under the Vicariate of the Lady of Perpetual Help, to which CTK belongs, participated by nominating over two hundred teenage and young adults.

November 2016 is also Vocation Month and the ministry will celebrate by inviting guest priests to officiate in two Sunday masses every weekend. Also in November, CTK’s Vocation Ministry will honor its former parish priests and guest priests with a dinner.

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