The Stewardship Committee of Christ the King Parish Greenmeadows was created in 2005 when then acting parish priest Bishop Honesto Ongtioco DD formally set up the stewardship program in CTK. This year, in September 2016, the parish celebrated its 11th anniversary as a stewardship parish.
Stewardship is comprised of:
1. Gifts of service and ministry (talent)
2. Gifts of prayer and worship (time)
3. Gifts of financial offerings (treasure)

Whether our resources are money or the ability to do something well, the practice of stewardship helps us realize that God is the source of all we have. Realizing that God is at the center of all that we have helps us keep a proper perspective about our ownership of the “stuff ” we work hard to accumulate and the acclamations we receive for our special abilities.

Stewardship is defined as a practice of discipleship that begins with the realization that all we have and all we achieve is a gift from God. It has also been defined as: ‘What I do, with all that I have, after I say – I believe‘ and ‘Using the gifts God has given us, to do the work God is calling us to do’.

For the past 11 years, CTK’s Stewardship Committee, led by Ben and Linda Famador, has taught and nourished the concept of Catholic stewardship as a way of life for all of our CTK parish community. It continues the never-ending mission of building a parish environment where all members come to understand their giftedness, their role as stewards of their gifts and how they can graciously return some of their gifts to God.

In 2015, the CTK Stewardship Committee led by Ben and Linda Famador embarked on the project ‘Stewardship – Our Mission and Gift: Reaching Out in the Year of the Poor. For 10 months, from February to November 2015, the committee and the Parish Pastoral Council focused on a particular sector per month, with a corresponding outreach.

For February 2015, the sector identified was ‘migrants’ and the project was skills training livelihood for migrant youth at the Pugad Centre in Don Bosco. For March, the sector was ‘urban poor’ and the project was the ‘Pabahay ng Diocese’ to benefit the poor employees of the Cubao Diocese, implemented through the CFC. For April, it was the ‘fisher folk’ and the project was 50 fishing boats for the fishermen of Brgy. Pawa, Panay, Capiz via the San Nicolas Parish. In May, the sector was ‘peasant farmers’ and the project was to fund training on sustainable agriculture in coordination with the Social Action Group of the Diocese of San Carlos in Negros Occidental.

For June, the sector was ’tribal Filipinos’ and the project, through the CFM, was P200,000 worth of rice for the Aetas who had been resettled in Nueva Ecija and who were now on a food-for-work program by the Diocese of Cabanatuan to reforest the denuded area of Bacao, Palayan. For July, it was the ‘youth’ sector and the project was educational assistance for the Libis and Bagumbayan communities through the Ladies of Charity. For August, the sector was ‘children’ and the project was feeding program at Libis, Bagumbayan, Escopa, and Kalaw Elementary Schools coursed through CWL and Buklod ng Panginoon. In September, the target sector was the ‘elderly’ and the projects included a welcome lunch and talk, a medical mission, and free haircuts  enabled by the Diwanihan Kristiyano. For October, it was ‘women’  and the project was the visit and assistance to women detainees at the Karingal Detention Center, facilitated by the Apostleship of Prayer. In November, the sector was ‘ the disabled’ and the project was a visit and financial assistance, through the Legion of Mary, to Guanella Home for the Abandoned and Disabled in Tandang Sora.

As a result of this full-year program, CTK Parish Greenmeadows won the Best ‘Year of the Poor’ Project, out of 24 participating Diocese parishes.

In early 2017, Benjie and Wins Mirasol, who had been members of the Stewardship Committee ever since it was formed in 2005, took over the reins of leadership from Ben and Linda Famador, who were promoted to head the Stewardship thrust for the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Vicariate, consisting of CTK and six other parishes.